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The Philosopher in Plato's Statesman Mitchell H. Miller Author
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The Philosopher in Plato's Statesman Mitchell H. Miller Author - nieuw boek

ISBN: 9789024722105

others in his discipline tend not to bring their studies to bear on the substance of the dialogues. Conversely, philosophical interpreters have generally felt free to approach the extensi… Meer...

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Mitchell H. Miller:

THE PHILOSOPHER IN PLATO'S STATESMAN - gebonden uitgave, pocketboek

1980, ISBN: 9024722101

[EAN: 9789024722105], Gebraucht, sehr guter Zustand, [PU: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, The Hague], 6 x 9 in. Silver cloth boards. Condition is VERY GOOD ; corners bumped, mild shelf wear,… Meer...

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The Philosopher in Plato¿s Statesman - Miller, Mitchell H.
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Miller, Mitchell H.:
The Philosopher in Plato¿s Statesman - gebonden uitgave, pocketboek


ISBN: 9024722101

1980 Gebundene Ausgabe Homer; Plato; Socrates; Dialogue; Philosophy, mit Schutzumschlag 11, [PU:Springer Netherlands; Springer Netherland]

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Miller, Mitchell H:
The Philosopher in Plato's Statesman - gebonden uitgave, pocketboek

1979, ISBN: 9789024722105

Hard cover, New., Sewn binding. Cloth over boards. 144 p. Nijhoff Classical Philosophy Library, 2., Dordrecht, [PU: Springer]

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Mitchell H. Miller:
The Philosopher in Plato's Statesman - gebonden uitgave, pocketboek

ISBN: 9789024722105

Hard Cover. New. New Book; Fast Shipping from UK; Not signed; Not First Edition; The The Philosopher in Plato's Statesman., 6

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The Philosopher in Plato's Statesman Mitchell H. Miller Author

others in his discipline tend not to bring their studies to bear on the substance of the dialogues. Conversely, philosophical interpreters have generally felt free to approach the extensive logical and ontological, cosmological, and political doctrines of the later dialogues without concern for questions of literary style s and form. Given, moreover, the equally sharp distinction between the diSCiplines of philosophy and cultural history, it has been too easy to treat this bulk of doctrine without a pointed sense of the specific historical audience to which it is addressed. As a result, the pervasive tendency has been the reverse of that which has dominated the reading of the early dialogues: here we tend to neglect drama and pedagogy and to focus exclusively on philosophical substance. Both in general and particularly in regard to the later dialogues, the difficulty is that our predispositions have the force of self-fulfilling prophecy. Are we sure that the later Plato's apparent loss of interest in the dramatic is not, on the contrary, a reflection of our limited sense of the integrity of drama and sub- stance, form and content? What we lack eyes for, of course, we will not see. The basic purpose of this essay is to develop eyes, as it were, for that integrity. The best way to do this, I think, is to take a later dialogue and to try to read it as a whole of form, content, and communicative function.

Gedetalleerde informatie over het boek. - The Philosopher in Plato's Statesman Mitchell H. Miller Author

EAN (ISBN-13): 9789024722105
ISBN (ISBN-10): 9024722101
Gebonden uitgave
pocket book
Verschijningsjaar: 1979
Uitgever: Springer Netherlands Core >2
168 Bladzijden
Gewicht: 0,421 kg
Taal: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9024722101

ISBN - alternatieve schrijfwijzen:
90-247-2210-1, 978-90-247-2210-5
alternatieve schrijfwijzen en verwante zoekwoorden:
Auteur van het boek: mitchel, miller, mitchell
Titel van het boek: martinus, philosopher plato statesman, nijhoff, plato unwritten teaching, plato statesman classical

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Auteur: Mitchell H. Miller
Titel: Nijhoff Classical Philosophy Library; The Philosopher in Plato’s Statesman
Uitgeverij: Springer; Springer Netherland
144 Bladzijden
Verschijningsjaar: 1979-12-31
Dordrecht; NL
Taal: Engels
106,99 € (DE)
109,99 € (AT)
118,00 CHF (CH)
XIX, 144 p.

BB; Hardcover, Softcover / Philosophie/Antike; Antike griechische und römische Philosophie; Verstehen; Homer; Plato; Socrates; dialogue; philosophy; Ancient Philosophy / Classical Philosophy; BC

I. The Dramatic Context.- 1. Dramatic situation: the trial of Socrates.- 2. Dramatis personae: antipathy, eagerness, silence.- 3. The stranger from Elea.- 4. The agreement to begin.- II. The Initial Diairesis (258b–267c).- 1. Formal structure of the method; the apparent accord (258b–261e).- 2. Young Socrates’ error; the value of bifurcatory diairesis (261e–264b).- 3. The closing bifurcations; jokes and problems (264b–267c).- III. The Digressions on Substance and Method (267c–287b).- A. The first digression: the myth of the divine shepherd (267c–277a).- B. The second digression: paradigm and the mean (277a–287b).- IV. The Final Diairesis (287b–311c).- a. The change in the form of diairesis (287b ff.).- b. The first phase: the indirectly responsible arts, makers of instruments (287b–289c).- c. The second phase, part one: the directly responsible arts, subaltern servants (289c–290e).- d. The digression: philosophy and ordinary opinion; statesmanship and actual political order (291a–303d).- e. Resumption of the diairesis (second phase, part two): the true aides (303d–305e).- f. The third phase: the statesman as weaver; the virtues and the mean (305e–311c).- Notes.- Index of Historical Persons.- Index of References to Platonic Passages.

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