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Insurance and Risk Theory - Marc Goovaerts; F. Etienne De Vylder; J. Haezendonck
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Marc Goovaerts; F. Etienne De Vylder; J. Haezendonck:

Insurance and Risk Theory - gebonden uitgave, pocketboek

ISBN: 9789027722034

Canadian financial institutions have been in rapid change in the past five years. In response to these changes, the Department of Finance issued a discussion paper: The Regulation of Cana… Meer...

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Insurance and Risk Theory: 171 (Nato Science Series C:, 171)
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Insurance and Risk Theory: 171 (Nato Science Series C:, 171) - gebonden uitgave, pocketboek

1986, ISBN: 9789027722034

Editor: Goovaerts, Marc, Editor: De Vylder, F. Etienne, Editor: Haezendonck, J. Springer, Hardcover, Auflage: 1986, 500 Seiten, Publiziert: 1986-03-31T00:00:01Z, Produktgruppe: Book, 1.94… Meer...

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Marc Goovaerts:
Insurance and Risk Theory 171 Nato Science Series C - pocketboek


ISBN: 9789027722034

Softcover, PLEASE NOTE, WE DO NOT SHIP TO DENMARK. New Book. Shipped from US in 4 to 14 days. Established seller since 2000. Please note we cannot offer an expedited shipping service from… Meer...

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Goovaerts, M., F. de Vylder, and J. Haezendonck (eds):
Insurance and Risk Theory.; (NATO ASI Series C) - gebonden uitgave, pocketboek

1986, ISBN: 9789027722034

D. Reidel Pub., 1986. Hardcover. APPEARS UNREAD; Ex-library copy with usual markings, else very good sound condition. 487pp., D. Reidel Pub., 1986

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Goovaerts, Marc (Editor):
Insurance and Risk Theory - gebonden uitgave, pocketboek

1986, ISBN: 9789027722034

Hard cover, New., Sewn binding. Cloth over boards. Contains: Illustrations, black & white. NATO Asi Series. Series C, Mathematical and Physical Science, 171., Dordrecht, [PU: Springer]

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Insurance and Risk Theory: 171 (Nato Science Series C:, 171)

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Maratea, Italy, 15-25 July, 1985.

Gedetalleerde informatie over het boek. - Insurance and Risk Theory: 171 (Nato Science Series C:, 171)

EAN (ISBN-13): 9789027722034
ISBN (ISBN-10): 902772203X
Gebonden uitgave
pocket book
Verschijningsjaar: 1986
Uitgever: Springer
504 Bladzijden
Gewicht: 0,912 kg
Taal: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 902772203X

ISBN - alternatieve schrijfwijzen:
90-277-2203-X, 978-90-277-2203-4

Gegevens van de uitgever

Auteur: Marc Goovaerts; F. Etienne De Vylder; J. Haezendonck
Titel: NATO Science Series C; Insurance and Risk Theory - Mathematical and Physical Sciences (Continued Within NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)
Uitgeverij: Springer; Springer Netherland
488 Bladzijden
Verschijningsjaar: 1986-03-31
Dordrecht; NL
Gewicht: 1,940 kg
Taal: Engels
319,93 € (DE)
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352,50 CHF (CH)

BB; Book; Hardcover, Softcover / Wirtschaft/Betriebswirtschaft; Finanzen; Verstehen; Finance; Reinsurance; financial economics; risk management; valuation; C; Finance, general; Financial Economics; Physics and Astronomy; BC; EA

Opening session.- Invited lecture : Risk Theory, a Tool for Management?.- Main lectures.- Economic Ideas in Risk Theory.- Simulation in Insurance.- Application of the Problem of Moments to Various Insurance Problems in Non-life.- Application of Martingales in Risk Theory.- Applications of Operations-Research Techniques in Insurance.- Recent Research on the Risk Return Relationship in Financial Economics.- General Regression in Multidimensional Credibility Theory.- Ruin Theory under the Submartingale Assumption.- A rigorous Proof of a Property of the Premium Principle of Zero Utility in the Case of Additivity.- Bayesian Credibility with a Noninformative Prior.- Short communications.- Separation Theorems in Proportional Reinsurance.- A new Treatment of the Engineering Aspects of the “Zero-Infinity Dilemmas” of Industrial Risk Management.- On a Functional-Differential Equation connected with the Premium Principle of Zero Utility.- Markov Processes between Moving Barriers — Moments of the first Hitting Time of Retaining or Absorbing Barrier.- Some Mathematical Aspects of Combining Proportional and Non-Proportional Reinsurance.- The Moments of Compound Interest Functions when Interest fluctuates as a Compound Markov Chain.- Pension Funding and random Rates of Return.- Bayes Criterion, the Minimax Principle and Statistical Decision Theory.- Large Claims —.- Some Numerical Methods for Calculating Semilinear Credibility Estimators.- Weak Convergence of Risk Processes.- On the Exposed to Risk Theory.- Probability Bounds on Compound Distributions with given Moments on Claim Severities.- Additivity and Premium Calculation Principles.- Computing Moments of Compound Distributions.- Portfolio Valuation in Life Insurance.- Risk Assessment of Merger, Acquisition, and Consolidation of Financial Services.- Extending Arrow-Pratt Risk Premiums.- On Optimal Deductibles.- Solvency Margin and Profit in Life Insurance.- Statistical Methods in General Insurance.- Modelling Motor Insurance Claim Frequencies.- General Bounds on Ruin Probabilities.- Strict Liability and Insurance under Loss Misestimation.

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9789400946200 Insurance and Risk Theory (Marc Goovaerts; J. Haezendonck; F. Etienne De Vylder)

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