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Expanding Horizons in Bioethics - Herausgegeben von Galston, A.W. Peppard, Christiana Z.
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Herausgegeben von Galston, A.W. Peppard, Christiana Z.:

Expanding Horizons in Bioethics - pocketboek

2010, ISBN: 9789048167814

[ED: Softcover], [PU: Springer Netherlands], Like its predecessor, New Dimensions in Bioethics, this volume developed out of a series of lectures at Yale University's Institution for Soci… Meer...

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A. W. Galston:

Expanding Horizons in Bioethics - pocketboek

ISBN: 9048167817

[EAN: 9789048167814], Neubuch, [SC: 0.0], [PU: Springer Netherlands], MEDICAL ETHICS; MORAL; EMBRYO; ENVIRONMENT; HEALTH, Druck auf Anfrage Neuware - Like its predecessor, New Dimensions … Meer...

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Expanding Horizons in Bioethics - A.W. Galston
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A.W. Galston:
Expanding Horizons in Bioethics - pocketboek

ISBN: 9789048167814

Paperback, [PU: Springer], Like its predecessor, New Dimensions in Bioethics, this volume developed out of a series of lectures at Yale University's Institution for Social and Policy Stud… Meer...

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Expanding Horizons in Bioethics
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Expanding Horizons in Bioethics - pocketboek

2005, ISBN: 9048167817

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Expanding Horizons in Bioethics ab 181.99 EURO Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2005 Medien > Bücher

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Expanding Horizons in Bioethics - A. W. Galston
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A. W. Galston:
Expanding Horizons in Bioethics - gebruikt boek

ISBN: 9789048167814


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Expanding Horizons in Bioethics

What are the resources and needs, the strengths and the vulnerabilities of patients, of society, or of nature? How do we evaluate the societal potential of scientific discovery? It is fairly well assured that we are influencing the terms of existence of many inhabitants of this planet, from flora to fauna to humans. Moreover, history has shown that while technologies can be used neutrally, they can be (and have been) used to the great benefit - or the great detriment - of human life and the fate of the world as a whole. How various types of knowledge and technological ability will be deployed is up to us, individually and collectively. How such information and ability should be deployed, and for what reasons, are questions at the core of bioethical inquiry. These are the "expanding horizons in bioethics" to which this volume refers. This volume is comprised of fourteen essays. It is a rare gathering of scholarly opinion, featuring well-known experts from a diversity of disciplines. The topics addressed are of immediate concern to the public. The essays ask questions about human nature, genetic technologies, reproductive rights, human subjects research, and environmental issues - all in provocative and challenging new ways. Yet the themes that emerge throughout the volume are of enduring interest to anyone concerned about the interactions of scientific development, ethics, and society. This volume is of interest to students and teachers of bioethics and related topics, as well as to professionals working in these disciplines.

Gedetalleerde informatie over het boek. - Expanding Horizons in Bioethics

EAN (ISBN-13): 9789048167814
ISBN (ISBN-10): 9048167817
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pocket book
Verschijningsjaar: 2010
Uitgever: Springer-Verlag GmbH
280 Bladzijden
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Taal: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9789048167814

ISBN - alternatieve schrijfwijzen:
90-481-6781-7, 978-90-481-6781-4

Gegevens van de uitgever

Auteur: A.W. Galston; Christiana Z. Peppard
Titel: Expanding Horizons in Bioethics
Uitgeverij: Springer; Springer Netherland
255 Bladzijden
Verschijningsjaar: 2010-11-10
Dordrecht; NL
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Gewicht: 0,454 kg
Taal: Engels
181,89 € (DE)
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BC; Previously published in hardcover; Hardcover, Softcover / Medizin/Allgemeines; Bioethik; Verstehen; Medical Ethics; Moral; bioethics; embryo; environment; ethics; health; B; Theory of Medicine/Bioethics; Ethics; Environment, general; Philosophy of the Social Sciences; Bioethics; Moral Philosophy and Applied Ethics; Environmental Sciences; Philosophy of the Social Sciences; Medicine; Medizin, allgemein; Ethik und Moralphilosophie; Umwelt; Soziale und politische Philosophie; BB

Contributors. Acknowledgements. Preface, Arthur Galston. Introduction, Christiana Peppard. I. Science and Society. The Past, Present and Future of Human Nature, Samuel Gorovitz. Unethical Contexts for Ethical Questions, David Ehrenfeld. Human Subject Protections: Some Thoughts on Costs and Benefits in the Humanistic Disciplines, C. Kristina Gunsalus. Secret State Experiments and Medical Ethics, Jonathan Moreno. Cross-Cultural Considerations in Medical Ethics: The Case of Human Subjects Research, Marcia Angell. II. Medical Ethics. Reproductive Rights and Health in the Developing World, Ruth Macklin. Genetic Testing of Human Embryos: Ethical Challenges and Policy Choices, Kathy Hudson, Susannah Baruch & Gail Javitt. Choosing Our Children: The Uneasy Alliance of Law and Ethics in John Robertson’s Thought, Karen Lebacqz. The Heart Disease Epidemic That Wasn't: Lessons Learned from Death Certificate Statistics, Harry M. Rosenberg. Recent History of End-of-Life Care and Implications for the Future, James Flory & Ezekiel Emanuel. III. Environmental Ethics. The Pragmatic Power and Promise of Theoretical Environmental Ethics: Forging a New Discourse, J. Baird Callicott. The Expanding Circle and Moral Community—Naturally Speaking, Chalmers Clark. Science, Conservation and Global Security, George M. Woodwell. Energy, Technology and Climate: Running Out of Gas, David Goodstein. Index.

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