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Ferrites: Proceedings of the ICF 3
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Ferrites: Proceedings of the ICF 3 - pocketboek

1983, ISBN: 9789400978270

Editor: Watanabe, H. Editor: Iida, S. Editor: Sugimoto, M. Springer, Paperback, Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1982, 1032 Seiten, Publiziert: 1983-07-14T00:00:01Z, Pro… Meer...

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Ferrites: Proceedings of the ICF 3
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Ferrites: Proceedings of the ICF 3 - pocketboek

1983, ISBN: 9789400978270

Springer, Taschenbuch, Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1982, 1032 Seiten, Publiziert: 1983-07-14T00:00:01Z, Produktgruppe: Book, Chemie, Naturwissenschaften & Technik, … Meer...

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H. Watanabe; S. Iida; M. Sugimoto:
Ferrites - pocketboek


ISBN: 9789400978270

Proceedings of the ICF 3, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1982, Softcover, Buch, [PU: Springer]

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Gedetalleerde informatie over het boek. - Ferrites: Proceedings of the ICF 3

EAN (ISBN-13): 9789400978270
pocket book
Verschijningsjaar: 1983
Uitgever: Watanabe, H. Iida, S. Sugimoto, M. Springer

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ISBN/EAN: 9789400978270

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Auteur: H. Watanabe; S. Iida; M. Sugimoto
Titel: Ferrites - Proceedings of the ICF 3
Uitgeverij: Springer; Springer Netherland
1032 Bladzijden
Verschijningsjaar: 1983-07-14
Dordrecht; NL
Taal: Engels
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BC; Book; Hardcover, Softcover / Chemie/Anorganische Chemie; Anorganische Chemie; C; Inorganic Chemistry; Chemistry and Materials Science; BB

I. Chemistry and Preparation Technologies of Ferrites.- Preparation of Ferrites by Co-Precipitation and Related Processes.- Development and Application of Synthesizing Technique of Spinel Ferrites by the Wet Method.- The Preparation of Mn-Zn Ferrites by Co-Precipitation.- The Formation of ZnFe2O4 by the Air Oxidation of Aqueous Suspensions.- Formation of Mg-, Cd-, Zn-, Pb-, Cr-, Ti-, or V-Bearing Ferrite by Air (or NO3?) Oxidation of Aqueous Suspension.- Magnetic Property of Coprecipitates from Mixed Solution of Ni2+, Zn2+, and Fe3+.- Preparation of Spinal Ferrites by Hydrolysis of Metal Acetylacetonates.- Preparation of Ferrite Powder by Flux Method.- Growth of Non-Garnet Ferrite Films.- Influence of Lattice Match on the LPE Growth and Properties of Mn-Zn Ferrite Films on MnGa2O4 Substrates.- Some Properties of Bulk and Thin Film Mn-Ferrites.- Properties of Liquid Phase Epitaxially Grown Cobalt Ferrites.- LPE Growth of Magnetoplumbite and Lithium Ferrite from PbO-B2O3 Flux.- Magnetic Properties of LPE-Grown Hexagonal Strontium Aluminoferrite Films.- Raw Materials and Processing Parameters in Ferrite Production.- Characterization and Sintering of Ferrite Raw Material Powders.- Effects of Grinding ZnO and Fe2O3 on the Rate of Formation of Zinc Ferrite.- A Study of Grain Orientation of the Mn-Zn Spinel Ferrite.- Evaluation of the Ferrite Powders Compressibility.- The Importance of Hydrochloric Acid Regeneration Processes for the Industrial Production of Ferric Oxides and Ferrite Powders.- Effect of Processing Parameters on Morphology of Mn-Zn Ferrite Particles Produced by Hydroxide-Carbonate Coprecipitation.- Comparison of Analytical Results on Manganese Zinc Ferrites.- Preparation and Characterization of Low Firing Temperature Ferrites for Ferrimagnetic Pastes.- II. Magnetite, Electronic Phase Transitions, and Biogenic Magnetite.- Electronic Structure of Fe3O4 and Fe3?xMxO4.- Electronic Superstructure of Fe3O4.- Low Temperature Structure of Magnetite as Deduced from Diffuse Electron Scattering.- Hyperfine Fields and Electron Diffusion in Fe3?xGexO4.- Magnetic and Dielectric Relaxations in Fe3?xO4 and MnZn-Ferrites.- Magneto-Optical Spectra of Zinc-, Manganese-, and Nickel-Substituted Magnetite.- Anomalous Electronic Ordering of RFE2O4.- High-Coercivity Hysteresis Loop below 200 K of YFe2O4 and LuFe2O4.- Electron Exchange between Fe2+ and Fe3+ in LuFe2O4.- Metal-Insulator Transitions in Ti4O7 and V8O15.- Metal-Insulator Transitions in Ti4O7 and (Ti1?xVx;)4O7: Experiments and Theories.- The Magnetic and M-I Transitions in the Magnéli Phase V8O15.- Biogenic Magnetite: A New Field of Magnetism in Biology.- Biogenic Magnetite (Fe3O4): A Ferrimagnetic Mineral in Bacteria, Animals, and Man.- III. Physics and Physical Chemistry of Ferrites, Garnets, and Other Ferrimagnetic Oxides.- Hyperfine Fields in Ferrites.- New Frame in Physics and Its Application to the Hyperfine Fields in Ferrites.- Hyperfine Interactions and Electron Diffusion in Ferrites.- Characters of the Hyperfine Fields of Fe3+ and Fe2+ as Seen from the NMR of the Low Temperature Phase of Fe3O4.- Hyperfine Fields in Ferrites with a Large Zinc Content.- Effect of the Temperature on the Relaxation and the Hyperfine Fields of Substituted Li Ferrites Studied by Mössbauer Effect.- Mössbauer Recoilless Fraction in the Magnesium Spinel Series, MgAl2?xFexO4.- Relaxation Studies in Fe-Zn and Fe-Zn-Cu Ferrites Using Mössbauer Spectroscopy.- Lithium Ferrites and Related Ferrites.- Crystal Structure and Cation Ordering in Lithium Ferrites.- Crystal Chemistry of the Spinel-Type Ferrite Series Li2M4+Fe6O12 (M4+=Ti4+, Sn4+, Ge4+, Si4+).- Magnetic Anisotropy in Lithium-Zinc Ferrites.- Magnetic Properties of Ferrites and Other Ferrimagnetic Oxides.- Effect of Additives on Magnetization of Ferrites.- Marked Increase of Initial Permeability in Cu0.5 Fe2.5O4?ZnFe2O4 System.- Perminvar Ferrites with Stable Magnetic Domain Configuration and Linear µi (T) Relation.- The Molecular Field Approximation in Ni-Zn Ferrites.- Magnetic Properties of the Disordered Ilmenite FeTiO3 II Synthesized at Very High Pressure.- Disaccommodation.- The Prediction of Long Term Disaccommodation in Ferrites.- Automatic Measurement of Disaccommodation for Soft Magnetic Materials.- Electrical Transport Properties of Ferrites.- Investigations of Transport Properties of Ni-Ferrites by Means of Electrical Conductivity and Magnetic After-Effect Measurements.- Anomalous Electrical Behaviour of Nickel-Zinc Ferrites Doped with Tetravalent Tin Impurity.- Influence of Magnetic Ordering on the Generation Energy of Electric Current Carriers in Ferrimagnetic Spinels.- Phase Transition and Conductivity in Cu-Ni Ferrites.- Three-Dimensional DC Models of Polycrystalline Ferrites.- Piezomagnetic Properties of Ferrites.- The Amplitude Dependence of Magnetomechanical Effects in Piezomagnetic Ni-Mn Ferrites Doped with Co and Cu.- Magnetic Hysteresis of the Elastic Moduli and Internal Friction in the Piezomagnetic Ni-Mn-Co-Cu Ferrites.- IV. Diffusion, Precipitation, and High Pressure Phase Transition of Ferrimagnetic Oxides.- Diffusion in YIG.- Cationic Diffusion in YIG Single Crystals.- Precipitation of Ferrites.- ESR and Mössbauer Studies of NiFe2O4 Precipitation Process from Silicate Glasses.- FMR Study of Ni-Ferrite Precipitates in Fe-Doped NiO.- The Thermal Decomposition Intermediate Product of ?-FeO(OH).- High Pressure Phase Transition of Fe2O3.- High Pressure Phase Transition Observed in Fe2O3 under Shock Compression.- V. Microstructures of Ferrites.- Microstructures And Magnetic Properties.- Recent Progress in Electron Microscopy of Ferrites.- Defects, Grain Boundary Segregation, and Secondary Phases of Ferrites in Relation to the Magnetic Properties.- Coherence of Magnetic Phenomena in Ferrimagnetic Materials as a Function of Spin and Domain Wall Topography.- Interdependence between the Grain Size and the Wall Dimensions in Magnetically Soft Ferrites.- The Effects of Composite Fluxes on the Microstructure and Memory Core Characteristics of Substituted Lithium Ferrites.- Microstructures and Mechanical Properties.- Recent Progress on Mechanical Properties of Ferrites.- The Closed Porosity: A Basic Parameter for Magnetic Investigation of Spinels and Garnets under Pressure.- Influence of Compressive Stresses on the Hysteresis Loop of Ferrites.- Mechanical Strength of Magnesium Zinc Ferrites for Yokerings.- Creep Deformation of Polycrystalline Mn-Zn Ferrite.- VI. High Quality Ferrite Cores.- Soft Ferrites.- Effect of Oxygen Content on the Properties of Low Loss MnZn Ferrite.- Studies on Ni-Co Ferrites with Negative Temperature Coefficient of Permeability.- High B Polycrystalline Mn-Zn Ferrite.- Ferrites for Accelerators.- Effects of Microstructure on High Frequency Magnetic Losses in Ferrites for Particle Accelerators.- A Study of Ferrites for Particle Accelerator.- VII. Hard Magnetic Materials.- Basic Studies on Hard Ferrites.- A Few Experimental Results on M-Type Hexaferrite.- Microstructural Fracture Anisotropy and Fracture of Oriented BaO·6Fe2O3 Permanent Magnets.- Study on Microsyntactic Intergrowth of Barium Ferrites.- Microsyntactic Intergrowth and Composition Fluctuation in Barium Ferrites.- Effect of Additives on Hard Ferrites.- Anisotropy of Ru3+ Doped BaFe12O19 Single Crystals.- Magnetic Properties of Hard Ferrite Including Boric Acid and Silica.- The Effect of Silica Addition in M-Type Ferrites.- Sm-Co Magnets.- Sm2(Co, Cu, Fe, Zr)17 Magnets Having High iHc and (BH)max.- Magnetic Properties of the Sm(Co, Fe, Ni) System.- Development of Applications.- Study on Application of Radially Oriented Ferrite Magnet to Stepper Motor.- Recent Development of Permanent Magnet Application.- VIII. Magnetic Perovskites and Related Oxides.- Fe4+ Containing Perovskites.- Magnetic Polarization of Oxygen Ions in SrFeO3.- Exchange Interactions in the Cubic Perovskite Type SrMnO3 and SrFeO3.- On the Electronic State of Fe4+-Oxides.- Mössbauer Spectroscopic Studies on CaFeO3.- Mössbauer Effects and Magnetic Properties in the Defect Perovskite System La1?xNaxFeO3??.- Perovskite Related New Ferromagnetic Oxide Material.- Recent Progress in the Synthesis and Magnetic Characterization of the Ferromagnetic Oxides ACu3Mn4O12.- Magnetic Perovskites and Related Oxides.- Effect of Pressure on LaCrO3.- Order-Disorder Phenomena in Some Oxygen-Deficient Perovskite-Related Ferrites.- Preparation and Characterization of Ca1?xLaxFeO3 Compounds.- Weak Ferromagnetism of Ca2Fe2O5.- IX. New Magnetic Oxide Materials and Miscellaneous Magnetic Oxides.- New Magnetic Oxide Cathode Material.- LixCoO2(0 (0?x?:0.5) with Calcite Structure.- Magnetic Anisotropy of CoTiO3.- Formation Diagram of ?-MnO2 and Its Derivative in Alkaline Solution.- X. Magnetic Bubbles.- Bubble Materials for High Density.- Bubble Domain Materials for High Density Devices.- Submicron Bubble Garnets.- Garnet Films for 4 µm Period Contiguous-Disk Devices.- Magnetic Properties of Bubble Materials.- Growth Atmosphere Effects on Magnetic Properties for LPE Garnet Films.- Garnet Films for Magnetic Bubbles with High Mobility and High Maximum Velocity.- Experimental Studies of Magnetic Bubble Dynamics.- Remagnetization of Epitaxial Garnet Films in Pulse Fields.- Domain Structure near the Néel Temperature in Epitaxial Garnet Films.- Bubble Domains in Monocrystalline Epilayers of Ferrites with Spinel Structure.- Dipolar Mechanism for Magnetostriction in Garnet Thin Films.- Temperature Matching of Bias Field.- Matching the Temperature Dependence of Bias Field Assemblies to That of Bubble Films.- XI. Magnetic Recording Media.- Present And Future of Magnetic Recording Media.- The Present and Future of Magnetic Recording Media.- Oxide Particle Magnetic Recording Media.- Advance in Magnetic Recording Media—From Maghemite and Chromium Dioxide to Cobalt Adsorbed Gamma Ferric Oxide.- Formation of Cobalt-Epitaxial Iron Oxides and Their Magnetic Properties.- Cobalt-Modified Iron Oxides: A Critical Review Based on New Experimental Data.- A New Preparation Process of Cobalt Modified Iron Oxide.- On the Coercivity and Chemical Structure in Nonstoichiometric Iron Oxide Particle.- High Coercive SiOx-Adsorbed ?-Fe2O3 Particles.- The Behavior of Surface Hydroxyl Group of Magnetic Iron Oxide Particles.- Metal Particles and Related Magnetic Recording Media.- The Development of Metal Powder for Magnetic Recording.- The Formation of Iron Particles and Their Magnetic Properties.- Reduction in Hydrogen of Iron Oxides to Produce the Metal Pigment Required for the Magnetic Recording Tapes.- Perpendicular Magnetic Recording.- A Study of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording.- Properties and Performance of Particulate Recording Media.- The Orientation of Particles in Magnetic Paints and Coatings for a Magnetic Recording.- Recording Media for 800 Mega Byte Disk Drive.- Digital Recording Properties of High Coercivity Magnetic Credit Card.- Magnetic Thin Films for High Density Recording.- Magnetic Thin Films for High Density Digital Recording.- Sputtered Ferrite Disks for High Density Magnetic Recording.- Preparation of ?-Fe2O3 Thin Film Disks by Reactive Evaporation and Their Read/Write Characteristics.- High Rate Deposition of Magnetite Films by Reactive Sputtering from Two Facing Targets.- Basic Studies for Thin Film Recording Media.- Origin of Coercivity and High Squareness in Thin Film Recording Media.- Oxidation and Coercivity of Magnetite Thin Films by Reactive Condensation.- Formation of Ferrites by Thin Film Reaction.- XII. Basic Studies of Magnetic Fine Particles and Amorphous or Other Thin Films.- Mössbauer Studies of Fine Particles.- Mössbauer Study of an Iron-Particle Magnetic Tape.- Mössbauer Studies of Cobalt Adsorbed ?-Fe2O3 Particles Using 57Co.- Magnetic Structure of Small CrO2 Particles.- Magnetization Processes of Fine Particles.- Magnetic Measurements on Single Acicular Particles of Various Compositions.- Coercive Force of Iron Fine Powders Reduced from ?-FeOOH.- Theoretical Consideration on Magnetization Reversal in a Single Fine Particle.- Amorphous Thin Films.- Properties of Amorphous Soft Magnetic Thin Films.- Dependence of Compositional Variation on Sputtering Condition in GdCo and GdFe Amorphous Films.- Tsuya-Wangsness’ Formula in Amorphous Ferrimagnetic Thin Films.- Accommodation and Disaccommodation Effects in Amorphous Alloys.- MnBi and MnAl Films.- Influence of Wall Coercivity on Nucleation Field in Magnetic Films with Stripe Domain Structure.- MnAl Evaporated Films for Magnetic Recording Media.- XIII. Magnetic Recording Heads.- Ferrite Heads.- Recent Development of Ferrite Heads and Their Materials.- The Effect of Head Material Characteristics on Reproduction.- Combined Crystal-Structured Ferrites for Video Heads.- Influence of the Core Material on the Performance of Single-Track Flexible-Disc Heads.- The Wide Band Ferrite Head: Its Application to the High Definition Video Recording.- Hardness Evaluation of Ferrites for Magnetic Recording Heads.- Thin Film Heads.- Disk Integrated Heads Longitudinal and Perpendicular High Densities Recording.- Amorphous Material Heads.- Amorphous Alloys for Magnetic Head.- Amorphous Magnetic Head.- Head with Magnetoresistive Element.- A Shielded Head with a Magnetoresistive Element Sandwiched between Two Permanent Magnetic Films.- XIV. Growth of Single Crystals.- Mn-Zn Ferrite Single Crystals.- On the Rubbing Noise of Mn-Zn Ferrite Single Crystals.- Composition-Controlled Bridgman Growth of MnZn Ferrite Single Crystals.- Magnetic Properties of Mn-Zn Ferrite Single Crystals.- Crystal Growth of Mn-Zn Ferrite by the Modified Floating Zone Method.- Growth of other Ferrites, Garnets, Orthoferrites, and Orthochromites.- Crystal Growth of Some Ferrites (MFe2O4, M:Ni, Co, and Zn) by Vapor Phase Reaction Method.- Phase Diagram for the Isothermal Growth of Bulk Yttrium Iron Garnet by PbF2?B2O3 Solvent Evaporation.- XV. Magneto-Optical Materials, Optical Wave Guides, and Optical Recordings.- Magneto-Optical Materials.- The Development of Magneto-Optical Research in Garnets and Magnetic Insulators.- The Optical Characteristics of YIG Single Crystals Grown by the Floating Zone Method.- Optical Phenomena in Thin-Film Ferrite Waveguides and their Applications.- Optical Studies and Spin Structures of RFeO3, RCrO3, and MnCO3.- Light Scattering Study of Spin-Reorientation in RFeO3.- Magnetization Induced by Optical Pumping in ErCrO3.- Field Induced Spin Reorientation in HoCrO3.- Determination of the Spin Structure of Some Orthoferrites and Orthochromites by NMR.- Magneto-Optical Effects in MnCO3.- Optical Devices.- Magneto-Optical Properties of FeB03 and YFe03 and Their Application to Optical Devices.- Optical Isolator and Circulator Using Y3Fe5O12 Crystals for Optical Fiber Transmission Systems.- Magneto-Optical Recordings.- Magneto-Optical Readout of a Magnetic Tape Using a Magnetic Garnet Film.- Thermomagnetic Writing in a CrO2-Based Composite Magneto-Optic Medium.- Magnetic and Magneto-Optic Properties of Amorphous GdTbFe Films for Magneto-Optical Disk Memory.- XVI. Microwave Ferrites and Their Applications.- Resonance and Instability.- Investigations of the Existence of the Natural Spin Resonance in Ferrimagnets by the Use of External Applied Fields.- High Power Microwave Processes and Parametric Pumping in Single Crystal Ferrites.- Polycrystalline Ferrites.- Study on Densification Mechanism of Ca-V Substituted YIG.- Preparation of Low Loss Garnets.- Spin-Wave Linewidth and Effective Volume of Pore.- Measurement of Magnetic Crystalline Anisotropy Constant and Effective Porosity.- An Exact Solution Technique for Effective Linewidth Measurement.- YIG and Ferrite Films.- Liquid Phase Epitaxial Growth of Layered YIG-Ga • YIG Films and Its Applications.- Preparation of Stoichiometric YIG Films by Sputtering.- Ferrite Films for Bulk Shear Wave and Surface Acoustic Wave Transducers.- Magnetic Wave Devices.- Novel Devices Based upon Field Gradient Control of Magnetostatic Modes and Waves.- A New Technique for Magnetostatic Wave Delay Lines.- Magnetoelastic Surface Wave Velocity in a Ni-Cu-Co Ferrite.- Circulator, Phase Shifter, and Attenuator.- A High-Power Circulator with Disk Consisting of Sectral Ferrite Pieces.- Ultra-High Average Power Ferrite Phase Shifter for Phased Array Radar.- Microwave Simple Coaxial Attenuator Using Rubber Ferrite.- XVII. New and Other Special Applications.- Magnetic Separations.- Application of Ferrites on the Environmental Problems—Recovery of Nonferrous Metals from Waste Using Barium-Ferrite Magnets.- Treatment of Oil Sludge Using Water Based Magnetic Fluid.- Particle Retention Profile in HGMS Filter.- Magnetic Scavenger for Uranium Extraction from Sea Water.- Microwave Absorbers.- Countermeasures against TV Ghost Interference Using Ferrite.- Ferrites- or Iron-Oxides-Impregnated Plastics Serving as Radio-Wave Scattering Suppressors.- Marker, Electrode, and Converter.- Magnetic Marker Using Ferrite-Byproduct and Its Application.- Ferrite Pellet for Bipolar Particulate Cells.- The Analysis and Optimum Design of VLT for Switched Mode Converter.- XVIII. Miscellaneous Non-Oxide Magnetic Compounds.- Studies on Magnetic Chalcogenides.- Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy of the Spinel Magnetic Semiconductor HgCr2Se4.- Anion Compression and Material Characterization of Spinel Compounds AB2X4 (X=O, S, Se, and Te).- Magnetic Phases of EuSe1-xT x (T = S and Te) and Eu1?xSrxSe.- Magnetic Properties of Cr1/3NbS2.- Ferromagnetic and Paramagnetic Resonances in CoS2 Single Crystals.- Studies on Carbides and RNi.- Behavior of Iron Carbides under High Pressure and Temperature Conditions.- Temperature Dependence of Electrical Resistivity in Intermetallic Compounds RNi (R=Sm, Gd, Dy, Ho, and Er).- Biographical Sketches of the Contributors.- Author Index.

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