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Tel: 0031317412940
E-Mail: q.rooderkerk@hetnet.nl


Boequibooks for many years a reliable seller in the Netherlands. In the past well-known seller at eBay, but due to bad service quit with that company. At this moment selling at several Dutch sites. Prices always low, up to 50% of the normal antiquarian price. Mainly selling book on history, art and photography and beside of it related artickles like maps.

Mails will be sent in English to all countries (except the Netherlands)

Payments through Paypal are possible but only when paying a fee above the total amount, because the costs of Paypal are very high


Sending to Germany or other countries is no problem. Several ways of sending (slow, fast or - for books - special rate for items with a total amount of 2 kilogrammes or higher. Official Dutch rates, no extra costs.